Entry Level Hunting on Arkadia

Here is a list of “puny” and low-level creatures for Arkadia. Use this page if you are new, free to play, on a budget, and/or maximizing codex skill gains (more attribute contribution)

To place a waypoint on your map using the coordinates on this page; copy the location (including the brackets), type /wp in your chatbox, and then paste the location, then press enter. Example: /wp [Planet Name, Longitude, Latitude, Z-Axis, Label]

This first set of creatures is good to hunt with a Trade Terminal (TT) Pistol, Powerfist, or Shortblade, they are between 10 – 20 HP.

  • Arkadian Hornet (10 HP) –
  • Carabok (10 HP) –
  • Oratan Prospector (10 HP) –
  • Rakta (10 HP) – Aakaas
  • Yarrijak (10 HP) – Aakaas
  • Monura Male (12 HP) – (also found on Ark moon)
  • Monura Female (13 HP) –
  • Gallard (15 HP) –
  • Nusul (20 HP) –
  • Ostelok (20 HP) –

In this next section, you will find a list of creatures that are suitable to hunt if you have purchased a Starter Pack from the Entropia Universe Webshop, or are using a TT Rifle or Long blade. These are good for your unamped Z12 Barbarella laser rifle, the TT Rifle is ok for 30 HP, and the TT Long Blade is ok for 40 HP. The following creatures are between 28 – 40 HP.

  • Jori (28 HP) –
  • Halix (30 HP) –
  • Feran (40 HP) –

Arkadia Underground:

  • Dromia (40 HP) –
  • IFN Defence Bot (40 HP) –

This final section is a list of creatures suitable to hunt if you have purchased a Starter Pack Gold or Platinum from the Entropia Universe Webshop, or if you are using the TT Long blade (ok for 50 HP). You will be using your Z12 Barbarella + ZX Sinkadus laser rifle and amp. These creatures are between 50 – 60 HP.

  • Oro (50 HP) –
  • Ubo (60 HP) –