Entropia Universe is still thriving in 2024 and this website is adapting along with it. As an active work in progress, the information and guides here may contain old information and is incomplete in some areas until I am able to update.
Thank you for your patience, I hope you will enjoy your journey in to the sci-fi second life as much as I do!

Entropia Universe has planned a game update to Unreal Engine 5, the future looks bright for Entropians.

Entropia Universe is unlike any other game I have ever played, it contains a massive amount of content and continues to challenge me to grow, years in to my journey. Designed by the Swedish software company MindArk, based in Gothenburg, Entropia Universe is a 3D Sci-Fi MMORPG with a Real Cash Economy that has been operating publicly since 2003. It can be a very complex game with many layers and aspects to consider when making decisions. I have created this website to offer some community resources to help you find the information you need to make informed decisions that will make your life in the Metaverse easier and more fun.

In Entropia Universe, there are 92 professions you can unlock and specialize in. They fall under 3 main categories: Combat (Hunting), Resource Gathering (Mining), and Manufacturing (Crafting). In addition, you can choose to be a Mentor to new players, as well.

There are 7 planets in the Entropia Universe that you can travel to and explore. Calypso is the “first” planet and is owned by MindArk. There are 6 other planets, owned and operated by Planet Partners. When you take your avatar to another planet, it is a bit like taking your skills and items to a new game. Each has its own unique missions, loot, crafting blueprints, creatures, etc. You can also explore and fight in Space.


Everything in Entropia Universe has a real-world cash value, inside Entropia, it is called Project Entropia Dollars (PED). PED can be exchanged at a fixed rate of 10 PED : 1 USD. This includes Weapons, Ammo, Tools, Armor, Vehicles, Apartments, Furniture, Decorations, Shops, and much more.

The loot that drops from creatures also has PED value. It can be used to manufacture items, trade with other players, used to decorate, or sold via an interplanetary auction system.

New items and blueprints can be discovered by hunting and crafting. When an item is discovered it is recorded in the Hall of Fame.

Loot is largely determined based on the cost of the activity. When Hunting, your weapon will decay and ammo is consumed (if applicable to that weapon) each time you use it. A portion of this is returned in your loot. Other things that are calculated in your hunting loot return are Armor decay and Healing. When Crafting, your product value is often determined by the value of the materials being used to create it. But there is also always RNG involved in the activities inside Entropia Universe.


One of the coolest things to me about Entropia Universe is the unique items. They can be awarded as Event Prizes, looted from Creatures, or discovered from a Classified Strongbox.

The Unique Hypnos Ring can currently be discovered from a Classified Strongbox.

In the following gameplay video, Dahhar and Mokhat are hunted to complete Hourly Skill Missions and to collect 5 Fallen Recruit Dog Tags. Then Qaffaz, in search of their tails for mission “The 10X”. One on the first drop and none in the next 246 drops (that’s RNG for you), until a Weapon Enhancer broke and returned to Guardian Village for repairs.

The creatures in this video are L0 and L1 Juvenile Young. If you are new to Entropia, this is one of a few places you could go and expect this type of gameplay. It is good for skilling up during your Mentor Program because you gain 0.50 PED Ammo daily, Bonus Handgun, Evade, and Perception Skills on Hourly Dahhar and Mokhat in the mosh pit, plus TabTab turn-in (in addition to Codex), and Longblades + Codex Rewards for Qaffaz, all on top of the skills you gain from the actual Hunting activity.

(the volume is kind of loud, warning)

Since the recording of this video, a daily evade mission has been added for Mokhat. I like to go to level 2 or 3 in the mosh pit at Guardian Village and then start over, unless you are cycling higher for level 4. A healing orb is also now located east of GV, near the tree that Askari (dog tag mission NPC) stands under. Its a great addition for swunting, or even a small heal over time while you hunt in the dense pack of creatures nearby.