Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. Mission

This page was created on March 19, 2022, after helping a soc mate complete his mission chain. He was already in progress at stage 4 when I came to help. I will add information for the first 3 stages at a later date. Be prepared to cycle up to 1500 PED to complete this mission through stage 8. You may need even need to hire a healer for stages 6-8, depending on your armor and DPS.

I suggest a weapon around 20 DPS for stages 4 and 5, and a weapon with 60+ DPS for stages 6 – 8

To upgrade your H.E.A.R.T. to the next rank, you must talk to Medical Tech Orandius after completing the required task for each stage and turn in your current H.E.A.R.T. It must be repaired to full TT each time.

Medical Tech Orandius
[Planet Cyrene, 138452, 77294, 101, Waypoint]

Details for stages 1 – 3 will be added later

Stages 4 – 8 all require 250 kills each

Stage 4 – Young Crystal Pedes: L5? = 100? HP
[Planet Cyrene, 137264, 78877, 123, Waypoint]

Stage 5 – Duster Scapegoat: L2 = 80 HP
[Planet Cyrene, 139010, 77867, 105, Waypoint]

Stage 6 – Puny Nimet: L5 = 550 HP
[Planet Cyrene, 133842, 76397, 113, Waypoint]

Stage 7 – Breezy Living Vortex: L6 = 400 HP
[Planet Cyrene, 138447, 78916, 108, Waypoint]

Stage 8 – Gale Living Vortex: L8 = 600 HP
[Planet Cyrene, 136762, 79319, 111, Waypoint] (be aware of L34 and L46 mixed in)

New Upgrade for additional buffs: Choose between Speedy (10% Run Speed for 8 Seconds, applied to the person that is healed) or Vigorous (+15 HP while equipped) Refurbished H.E.A.R.T.

Stage 9 – Kill Skyshatter Drones (L14 – L18 – L24 / 750 HP – 1000 HP – 1250 HP) to accumulate required points + Hand in 2000 Animal Oil Residue & 500 Lesser Claws

Personally, I do not think the New Upgrade (Stage 9) is worth doing. Speedy is useless because you cannot move when healing, or the heal is diminished. If you apply a speed buff to the person you are healing, now you have more ground to make up to catch up to them before you can heal them again. Vigorous is useless because you lose the 15 HP when switching back to your weapon, and just spent PED to overheal. If you are hired as a healer and have it equipped all the time – 15 HP is not going to save you from more than 1 hit from a creature, and only if it is below level 12.