Entropia Universe Mentor Program

If you are considering a starter pack from the Entropia Universe Webshop, I suggest the “Starter Pack Gold”.

To request mentorship:

  • Open your “Action Library” (default “N” key, or click the corresponding icon on the top right of your screen)
  • Type “Mentor Register” in the search and click the icon to flip to the page in your action library
  • Click “Mentor Register” to bring up the next window

Once you have become a disciple, there are 3 things you will need to do to graduate:

  • Join a team with your mentor, then kill and loot 1 creature.
  • Successfully mine for 1 resource claim
  • Successfully craft 1 item (any item) – suggest [Muscle Oil Compound B Blueprint] from Cyrene BP technician to fulfill this requirement

You will also then need to progress in any combination of the following 3 skills: Anatomy (from Hunting and/or Healing), Geology (from Mining), and Engineering (from Construction and/or Repairing with an RK Tool). You can check your progress in-game by opening the “Mentoring” window from the “Action Library”.

Not only will you gain knowledge and resources as a Disciple; when you graduate you will be gifted a set of “Graduation Armor” (depending on which planet you are on at 100% completion) and a vehicle, the [Explorer Mk. 1 (L)]