Disciple Graduation Armor

There are 5 different sets of armor that you can choose from as a reward when you graduate from the Entropia Universe Mentorship Program. The armor set you will receive is determined by the planet you are on when you reach 100% completion. Each of them has a unique look and differing protection stats. Atlas armor has 36 total protection points, while the others have 35. The durability and TT value is the same on all.

Pixie Armor, Adjusted (Calypso / Monria): http://www.entropiawiki.com/Info.aspx?chart=Armor&id=143

Musca Armor, Adjusted (Arkadia): http://www.entropiawiki.com/Info.aspx?chart=Armor&id=201

Cyrene Disciple (Cyrene): http://www.entropiawiki.com/Info.aspx?chart=Armor&id=299

Atlas (Next Island): http://www.entropiawiki.com/Info.aspx?chart=Armor&id=298

Rifi Armor ME (Toulan): http://www.entropiawiki.com/Info.aspx?chart=Armor&id=262