Triton Industries – Home of the Sand King

Enjoy a great loot table on Rextelum ( including ESI ), combined with a mission chain that awards courage, handgun, first aid, melee, and evade, plus codex on shared creatures.
To put it simply… share the cost, get more loots rolls… have fun with your hunting buddies while you loot for a lower cost!

The claw attack does Impact/Cut, the tail attack does Acid/Penetration/Stab

The Sand King in Entropia Universe refers to various entities, including:

  1. Creature Maturity: Rextelum, The Sand King, with 950,000 HP and significant damage potential[1].
  2. Wave Events: Sand King events, where looters like Sand King VII drop valuable loot[3].
  3. Investment Opportunity: Triton Industries, known as the home of the Sand King, offering shares for investment on Entropia Exchange[2][6].
  4. Protective Gear: Protector Plating of the Sand King, offering various protections, including against firearms[5].

Inhabitants on Triton Island

  • Rextelum
  • Sabakuma
  • Aetherex
  • Allophyl
  • Tantardion
  • Tantillion
  • Cersumon
  • Atrox
  • Trilomite

Triton Industries is offering you a chance to invest. This will benefit you miners as well!

Some player notes:
To the newer and lower level players: Even though the higher DPS has a higher chance at loot like ESI, consider how much time and effort (and money) has gone in to progressing that avatar. Shoot with them and benefit from it, dont complain about it, it does not reflect well on you.
To the older and higher level players: Appreciate that you have back up shooters, meat shields, heals, and general interest in this event wave. In loot 2.0, treat the Sand King like you would a puny creature. Understand that you have the advantage on an ESI, but it wont always go to you, and thats ok.
A high tide raises all ships

This event runs almost all day and night currently and I anticipate it will be running 24/7 with a lot of shooters after more than 230 million eyes on the Epic store see Entropia after the Unreal 5 update. That is a HUGE amount of cycle and decay.
Capitalize on this opportunity.