Pets and Taming in Entropia Universe

You can have one pet spawned at a time and have one passive effect from it active. Pets that are tamed in-game can be spawned on any planet at level 7 or higher. Pets from the Webshop Strongboxes can be spawned on any planet from level 1. When a Pet is “Well Fed” it will gain “Focus” more quickly, which in turn will allow me to command it to perform more “Tricks” and gain XP faster.

Next Island:

  • Adaptable Brown Papoo (20 HP) – Use [Dominax Original Garter (L)]
  • L.A.R.A. (20 HP) – [Next Island, 135708, 83948, 286, L.A.R.A. Pens] Tameable will spawn every 15 kills ; Use [Dominax Original Garter (L)] to tame


  • Green & Blue Leprechaun – Use [Dominax Original Moccasin (L)]
  • Yog Hatchling – Use [Dominax Original Moccasin (L)]


  • TabTab (Puny 15 HP) – Northwest of Guardian Village ; Use [Dominax Original Garter (L)]