Loot Tracking in Entropia

The tracker functions by reading the Entropia Universe chat.log file, I suggest that you rename or delete this file periodically, to avoid tracker lag.

Entropia Tally cost per shot is a manual input in the settings UI, you can use Weapon Compare V2 to find your weapon cost.

Some Features I Like:

  • It has a very nice looking UI
  • The ability to group by Sessions and Runs
  • Offers cumulative overall Session calculations
  • Comprehensive data – v0.11.0 added DPP calculations
  • Can recall all Session History data in full detail
  • Accurate Kill Count
  • Crit Rate is calculated from Total Attacks Hit
  • Can track Crafting by entering Total Material Cost as “Additional Costs” value on Returns page
  • Can track Mining by entering the Total Tool Decay + cost of Probes (or Universal Ammo) as “Additional Costs” value on Returns page
  • Can track Harvesting Trees by entering the Total Tool Decay as “Additional Costs” value on Returns page
  • Calculates average loot size and average kill cost
  • Many options to display/hide on Overlay
  • Lots of room for additional details on the “Notes” page

Entropia Tally v0.11.0 now offers the ability to export data to .xlsx if you don’t want to copy/paste data to an external program (loot breakdown, skills, etc. into a spreadsheet).

Get Entropia Tally here: https://github.com/EntropiaTally/entropia-tally-app/releases